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who is

community fit?

Our goal is to create a powerful health and fitness movement by providing a facility of safety, simplicity, and strong human connections.  Our facility focuses on families and communities where we will achieve balanced health and fitness. Where we can enjoy life, and avoid the pitfalls; safely, efficiently, and through innovating, fun, and unifying means. Through group workouts where strangers become acquaintances that become friends, who become inseparable. And these communities have the health and fitness to improve their lives, their families, and the world. 


 Community Fit is an experience where even one visit will forever change you. Our environment facilitates stronger bodies, stronger families, and stronger connections as we safely progress through specifically programmed workouts. We offer your entire family a workout, age appropriate activities, healthy food options, nutritional coaching, and small group coaching in an environment of inclusion, positivism, momentum, and unity. 


Each week is specifically planned to build on the weeks previous as well as prepare for the upcoming weeks. This doesn’t mean that the “easiest” workout will be January 1st, and the “hardest and longest” workout will be December 31st. Community Fit allows for growth as each person allows.  


Workouts are programmed to be most effective when combined with the ones surrounding it. This allows for shorter workouts, more effective results, no “routine” or repetitive workouts, which result in the human body adapting quicker, recovering faster, and each person seeing and feeling results sooner.  


Each workout is modifiable. Meaning that the rookie coming in for the first time, very out of shape, very overweight, very scared, will be able to complete the workout that is programmed. The same workout programmed for the super fit veteran who is there to push him/herself.  


Regardless of experience, ability, age, injury, or excuse, Community Fit safely modifies the workout to allow for the same benefits.  

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