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No perfect people allowed. We keep our shirts on, our music clean, our words kind. We start where we are and do the best we can without sacrificing our safety. We don’t believe in fad diets or quick fixes. We don’t believe in belittling, cliques, exclusion, or complacence. 

We owe it to the people that we love to take care of ourselves so that they won’t have too. So that we are prepared to take care of our families, carry, lift, protect, build, and serve. 

We believe that there is more to ourselves and to this life than comfort and mindlessness. That we have control over our happiness and that we are capable of greatness. So together we work to prepare for all the joy and all the challenge as we, safely, intelligently, and enjoyably, try a little harder to be a little better, every day.

We are the friends, neighbors, and family members that seek out the things that scare us a little. Who want to experience everything, try new things, honor our families and our commitments to them. Who find joy in others and their achievements. We are people who commit to taking ownership of our minutes every day, and don't waste our time waiting. We believe in doing the least amount we have to, to get the most benefit, and using it to be better people, friends, neighbors, spouses, parents, and humans. 

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