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What is Community Health and Fitness? 
We are a community gym, a safe place for families to improve our lives.  We participate, annually, in community service where we use our fitness and serve others. A percentage of everyone’s membership goes into a community fund where we save the money for our annual project. We believe in using our health and fitness to help others.

What are the basic philosophies of Community Health and Fitness?
Work Hard. Lift Each Other Up.


How many times a week should I work out at Community Fit?

Everyday, Monday through Friday. If you miss one, then come Saturday to our Free class at 8 am or to our open gym time from 9-11am

As a beginner, how do I progress through the workouts?

  • Rounds - Our first goal is to complete all rounds suggested

  • Reps - Once you have gotten to where you can complete all the rounds of any workout on a consistent basis over several different types of workouts, you should then try to progress doing all the recommended repetitions.

  • Weight - The last thing you add. Add this gradually making sure that movements are done with safe and proper form as demonstrated.

What if I don't know how to do a movement?
We want to know! Please don’t hesitate to ask us. We will gladly help show you how. We have movement standards that are for your benefit and safety.  Following these standards will ensure your immediate and prolonged success.  To learn these movements, please ask one of our experts, or refer to one of the many resources on our site.

Also, each workout you do should be done with the greatest integrity. Each workout you do should stand as a testament to your commitment and dedication to better health.

How hard should I push my first day/week?
Half or less of the recommended workout.  Half reps, half weight. Community Fit Workouts are challenging! And each one written as a goal to be achieved, to work towards. However, the nature of these workouts makes them dangerous to the beginner. Please don’t the mistake of getting caught up in competing for time, rounds, reps or weights during Community Fit Workouts, especially during your first few weeks. You put yourself at risk for excessive soreness, injury or death.

Can I still do other workouts in addition to my Community Fit Workouts?
Only if it isn’t disrupting the balance of your life. Community Fit Workouts are all you need to achieve optimal health and fitness. Adding more workouts for the sake of working out is going to have a negative effect on your health and fitness, if not coordinated safely with a coach. We have several endurance athletes who are a part of our Community Fit Family.  They have help with their programming. And we are always happy to help you!

Just know that if you are withholding effort from your Community Fit Workouts to save energy for other types of activity, you probably won't get effective results from either.

Do these workouts get easier?
No. If they do, one of us isn’t doing their job. Community Health and Fitness workouts are versatile and changing, like us!  Every day we commit to doing our best and that changes. However easy isn’t what we do. There are ALWAYS other challenges that occure within each workout.  If you find you are beginning to breeze these workouts, you should know: You are probably CHEATING yourself of the benefit of these workouts.


After I have gotten into good shape, should I ever add reps, or sets to the workouts?
No. Simply work harder during the workout. We suggest you add weight, speed of movement and/or limit rest between and during exercise activities.

Do I need to wear a heart rate monitor?

Nope. Not unless you have a medical reason that requires it or you are just curious. Your heart rate will change throughout the workout and it will be different every time you come. Does your heart rate need to stay within a certain range, every day, to get the best results? No. It needs to hit every range. And that’s all you need to know. Our instructors will coach you through the workout, encouraging you to do what you can, safely, based on your ability. If you feel light headed, dizzy, nauseous, or start to have a headache, please notify your coach immediately.

Should I workout if I don’t feel well?

In most cases, no way. If you aren’t sure, start carefully and if you start to feel worse, there you go. Give it several days before trying again. If you push through illness you are risking a much longer, more drawn out, and more miserable sickness.

Are you sure 30-40 min enough of a workout? 
Sometimes it will be less. Community Fit Workouts are not only about the length of time they require, they are effective because of the intensity, the programming, the strength in community, and the consistency you put in.


What is the best time of the day to workout?
It’s different for everyone. I prefer first thing in the morning. For many of my friends that sounds like the worst possible way to wake up, ever! The best time of day to workout is every day. Make the time.


Can I bring my family to the Gym?  
Only if you feel that improving their health would be important. All children 12 and over are encouraged to come workout with their parents!!

Can I come do more than one Community Fit Workout a day?

We sure hope you don’t. Of course, it is up to you. We believe that once is enough and that you have other important things to do. If you feel like it’s important to come back on the same day to do the workout for the second time, then we hope it isn’t because you didn’t do your best the first time.


What if we go on vacation? 
I hope you do! Go enjoy all you’ve built! Use your fitness, your health, your hard work and make some memories with your friends and families! We work hard to we can enjoy our lives and help others!


What if I am retired and haven’t worked out in a very long time, or ever?

Get yourself in here as soon as you can. We would love to meet you and we will help you as you begin your new adventure! It doesn’t matter how old you are, the amount of exercise experience you have, whether you have restrictions, injuries, or other things that might inhibit you from doing everything you want to do.

We specialize in helping you. We know how to modify every movement, every workout to ensure that you safely get the benefits you need, without increasing your risk. We are always happy to set up a time to talk and work through these concerns together.


Shouldn't we be doing more cardio?
The cardiovascular benefit of our Community Fit Workouts continues hours after your workout is completed. The benefits transfer into every other aspect of your fitness. Doing more cardio, in addition to your Community Fit Workouts, is not necessary to achieve the optimal health you are looking for. Attending class 5 days a week, for 30-40 minutes every day, is all you need! Why? Because we do it right.

However, if you are wanting to shed more weight, or have decided to train for a specific endurance endeavor, adding specific cardio to your day is important. Please contact one of our coaches to help you with this as it can cause you to gain weight and lose any fitness gains you might have already achieved.  Sometimes more is too much. So, let us help you carefully plan your goals!


Do you suggest I take measurements?
You cannot know how far you've come, unless you know EXACTLY where you started from. We are happy to help you with circumference measurements. Ask us how!

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