"Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything" - The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

1 Round For Time: 42 Situps 42 Squats 42 Alternating DB Biceps Curls 42 Superman Back Extensions 42 KB Swings 25/30 42 Jumping Pullups 42 Walking Lunge Steps (R+L=2) 42 DB OH Press 15/20 42 OH Triceps Ext 15/20 42 Pushups

In Numerology the number 42 means nurturing focus on individuals, family, and community.  THAT's Community Fit.

WELCOME! It's our FIRST DAY!! We are honored you are here!

*Newbies (Less than 3-6 months) Complete less than half reps, half weight. Take breaks when needed and be careful! *Rookies (Less than 12 months) Scale back as needed focusing on completing all the reps with less weight and working up to the recommended weight. *Vets (longer than 12 months - 5 times per week - consistently) Go for it, safely, and challenge yourself

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