(Compare to November 5, 2019)


Soldier Walking

Dynamic Side Lunges (5 R+5L)

5 Lunge Twists (R + L = 1)

Banded Bulgarian Side Steps (10 R + 10 L)

Then warm-up sets (Right and Left sides) of SAS (Single Arm Snatch) *use light weights, practice safe form, and find AHAP

3 Sets of 3 R + 3 L progressively heavier weight as you warm up. Rest as needed between each warm-up set.

Main Set:

5 X 4 X 3 X 2 X 1 reps of AHAP SAS

(5 Right + 5 Left, 4 R + 4 L...)

Rest 3-5 minutes before beginning another set of SAS.

*Experiment with DBs, KBs, and Barbells

Before adding weight or experimenting with a KB or Barbell, form must be correct! Please practice with lighter weight first,

Cool Down:

Shoulder/Chest Stretches

3 Sets of 30 Seconds each side of lower back and piriformis stretches

QL Stretch

Child's Pose

Post weights achieved and thoughts to comments

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Our last day of "Blind Week" Great work showing up and taking charge!! For those of you doing the workouts online, you will get an email the night before.