Updated: Feb 20, 2020


25 Jumping Jacks

20 SLDL Right15/20

20 SLDL Left 15/20

25 Squats

Lunge Twists

5 Yoga Worms

Resistance Band Shoulder Mobility

Main Set*

Complete 4 x:

30 seconds Slow Count V-ups

30 seconds Bicycle Crunches

Complete 4 x:

30 seconds Alt Box Steps

30 seconds Box Squat Jumps

Complete 4 x:

30 seconds Plank

30 seconds Mountain Climbers

Complete 4 x:

30 KB Swings 25/35

30 Tick Tocks R 25/35

30 Tick Tocks L 25/35

Rest 2 minutes between each section. No rest between rounds.

*Less than one month? Please complete 2-3 rounds with 15-20 seconds of movements. Rest when needed. Also, use less weight for Tick Tocks and KB swings and half reps.

Cool Down:

Scorpion Stretch or Resistance Band Chest/Shoulder Stretch

Low Back & Piriformis Stretch

QL Stretch

Child's Pose

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