Baby Got Back

Warm up with 2 Rounds of: 5 Inchworms 25 Straight Leg Situps 25 Glute Bridges Arm Circles

Main Set: 5 - 5 - 3 - 3 - 3 Pullups & AHAP BB Bent Row

Cool Down: Child's Pose 3 Sets of 30 Seconds each Piriformis and Lower Back Stretches

*Pullups first followed immediatly by the Bent Rows. We are pre-fatigueing our Trapezius muscle requiring our latissimus, infraspinateous, and rhomboid muscles to activate *We want our emphasis to be on those muscles, so our palms will be facing inward when we grip the bar. Our grip will be wider than normal, outside our shoulders. And we will pull towards the bottom of our sternum *Keep chest parallel to the floor. A little "monkey motion" is allowed (safely) as long as we return to the parallel position *Rest 3-5 minutes before beginning another set

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