Back & Chest


200 M Run/Row

Soldier Walks

Resistance Band Chest/Shoulder Stretches

Down Dog to Runner’s Lunge & Twist

3 x 1:00 Plank

Workout to be completed in 2 sections. Complete all reps of one section before beginning another. Sections may be completed in any order.

Section 1: BB Bent Row

Complete 2-3 times through-

5 BB Bent Rows As Heavy As Safely Possible (AHAP)

Followed by 10-15 Aussie Pull-ups

Rest 2-3 minutes between each set

Section 2: Bench Press

Complete 2-3 Sets of 5 AHAP Bench Press may do Stability Ball DB Chest Press

Followed by 10-15 Pushups

Rest 2-3 minutes between each set

***If you need a spotter, please ask! ***

Less than 1 Month- Complete without AHAP 2 Sets of 10 reps for Bent Row and Chest Press. Using 25-45# barbells or 10-15# DBs with focus on form. And 8-10 reps for Aussie Pull-ups and Push-ups

Cool Down:

Scorpion Stretch

QL Stretch

Low Back and Piriformis Stretch

Pigeon Stretch

Child's Pose


Complete 2-3 sets of 5-8 DB Bent Rows as Heavy as Safely Possible followed by 10-15 Aussie Pull-ups

Rest 2-3 Minutes between sets

Complete 2-3 sets of 5-8 reps of Chest Press on the floor or a bench. As Heavy as Safely Possible. Followed by 10-15 Pushups.

Rest 2-3 Minutes Between each Set

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