Baseline Week: Day 3 Run The Rack

We can't know how far we have come if we don't know where we've started. This year we are keeping better track of all our work so we can focus on our improvements. We have posters and wristbands for all our members for our STRONGER 2021 year. Choose a goal. Something simple. Anything from exercise to prayer, from less sugar to more water. Just one. And each day you achieve it, cross off the day. We will succeed in more days crossed off if we see our successes and focus on the wins rather than focusing on where we lack. We will have more days crossed off than not and we will be STRONGER. Keep it simple. Don't give up. Because missing days is also part of our success.


5 Minutes of Jumprope Practice

Down Dog to Runner's Lunge & Twists

Resistance Band Chest & Shoulder Mobility

Main Workout

Run the rack 2 x for each of the following*:

10 DB OH Triceps Ext (Strict)

10 DB Biceps Curls (Strict)

10 DB OH Press (Strict)

10 DB Squats

*Unless you’re completing a modified version @Home, or if you’ve been with us less than 1 Month, and/or this is your first time doing Run the Rack, please ONLY complete 1 run of each exercise.

Complete both runs of 1 exercise before beginning another.

Rest 1 minute between runs of the same exercise and 2 minutes before starting a new exercise. Once your form “breaks” or you stop completing reps, end your run. Keep each rep in strict form.

Cool Down:

Child's Pose

Low Back & Piri Stretch

QL Stretch

Pigeon Stretch

Scorpion or Doorway Stretch

Lower Body Banded Stretches

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