We did this workout 2 weeks ago and it was awesome!! We learned a lot throughout the day. For example, flying through this for time was no bueno. We missed out on some of the benefits of complete, full range of motion reps. Also, adding weight to the tick tocks wasn't necessary as we completed 100-200 reps PER side! We want to feel the burn on this one! And our focus is on THAT and not on our KB weight. After all, the last place we want to bulk up is our waists.

If you feel you need more from this workout, complete 3 rounds and raise an arm (the opposite one from the arm holding the KB) when completing your tick tocks. Also, raise the your leg when doing your Crunch Twists, it will engage your lower abs more. Please use a stability ball if you are prone to tailbone tenderness. We won't want to go messing with that, it can take a long time to heal and make taking a shower very unpleasant.

2 - 3 Rounds. NOT for time but for perfection.

50 Situps 50 Crunch Twists R 50 Crunch Twists L 50 Tick Tocks R 50 Tick Tocks L 50 Superman Back Extensions

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