Burn Out

Warm up:

800 m Run/Row

3 Yoga Worms

Leg Swings Front & Back/Side to Side

Lunge Twists R & L

Then complete the following couplets:

4 Rounds

6-8 Stability Ball DB Chest Press AHAP

Burn out set of pushups Strict

Rest 2 Minutes

4 Rounds

6-8 Pullups

Burn out set of BB Bent Rows 65/95

Rest 2 Minutes

Cool Down:

Child's Pose

Scorpion Stretch

Piriformis and lower back stretches

QL Stretch

Post weights and thoughts to comments

***Less than 1 month with us? Complete 2 rounds of each couplet with the focus on form. And pullup practice.

What 34 weeks pregnant can look like! Meredith is one strong momma!