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Warm up: 2 Times Through

10 Inchworms

10 Leg Swings (Front and Back)

10 Leg Swings (Side to Side) Resistance Band Shoulder Circles

Complete each exercise for 2 minutes. Keep track of the total number of reps per exercise*.

Burpees KB High Sumos 25/35

DB Biceps Alt Curls 15/20 Squats

Mountain Climbers (R+L=1)

Alt Leg V-ups (R+L=1)

Rest 1 minute between each different exercise.

*Less than 1 month at CF? Please complete 1 Minute of exercises, with 2 minutes of rest. And lighter weight.

Cool Down:

Scorpion Stretch

Low Back and Piriformis Stretch

QL Stretch

Child's Pose

Post number of reps per exercise to comments

Successful finishes from so many friends and families at the Back 40 Trail Race!

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