Cardio Fight

Warm up for 5 minutes with 2 rounds of the following: 15 Table Top Glute/Hamstring Bridges 15 Alternating Arm & Leg Raises (R+L=1) 15 Runner's Lunge Stretches (R+L=2)

With a running clock, for 18 minutes, complete the following for reps: 1 Minute Box Jumps 1 Minute Resistance Bands Ski Squats M/H 1 Minute KB Swings 25/35 1 Minute Burpees 1 Minute Jump Ropes 1 Minutes Rest

*Count reps per round, accumulative for all the exercise

Cool Down with 2 rounds of the following:

10 Resistance Band Shoulder/ Chest Opener (Behind and Back +1)

10 Down Dog with Calf Stretch

30 Seconds Child's Pose with Shoulder Stretches

Shoulda seen the other guy...