Cardio Fight

Warm up:

Walking Lunge Twists (5 Each Side)

Resistance Band Chest/Shoulder Stretches

3-5 Yoga Worms

Then, with a running clock, complete 3 rounds of:

1 Minute Burpees

1 Minute Ski Squats M/H

1 Minute Pushup with Alt DB Rows 15/20 (R+L=1)

1 Minute Squat Jumps

1 Minute Alt Leg V-ups (R+L=1)

2 Minute Rest Count total number of reps per round, accumulative of all 5 exercises. No rest between exercises.

Less than 1 month with Community Fit?

Complete 2 rounds of 30 seconds:


Ski Squats M/H

KB Swings 10/15

Squat Jumps

Alt Leg V-ups (R+L=1)

Cool Down:

Down Dog and Child's Pose

Scorpion Stretches

3 Sets of 30 Seconds Each Lower Back and Piriformis Stretches

QL Stretch

Post total number of reps per round to comments

Fall Finish Strong Challenge Begins Monday!

THIS SATURDAY 9 am - 1 pm @ The Community Fit

Join us for the Global PT Day of Service! Anyone can come!

9:00 am - Fall Prevention & Fitness at Any Age Presented by DPT Dana Kahl 10:00 am - Free PWR! Mini Class 10:30 am - Free Wellness Checks, Strength, and Balance Screenings Provided by DPTs, PTAs, and PTA Students from NWACCA Heroes Coffee and Snack Lab Breakfast!

FREE Community Fit Class Open Gym from 8-9am Tomorrow (10/12)

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