Century @ Home

Warm up:

Soldier Walking

Arm Circles

Leg Swings (Front & Back/Lateral)

Knee Grab to Single Leg Deadlifts

Main Workout

Complete each exercise and time each one. How long will it take to complete 100 reps of each of the following*?

100 Squats

100 Pushups

100 Single Arm Bent Rows R 25/35

100 Single Arm Bent Rows L 25/35

100 Situps

-Once you begin one exercise, complete all the reps before beginning another

-Added Challenge: How many perfect reps can you do without stopping?

-30 Minute Cut-off

*Option 2 < 3 Months:

75 Reps of each exercise

Use less weight on Bent Rows

Option 3 < 1 Month:

50 Reps of each exercise

Use less weight on Bent Rows

Cool Down:

Low Back & Piriformis


Resistance Band Chest/Shoulder Stretch

Post times for each exercise and thoughts to comments

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