Because we were closed yesterday we are re-posting this workout. Because it's awesome!


500m Row 10 Leg Swings Front to Back 10 Leg Swings Side to Side

5 min Pistol Squat Progression

Complete 3-5 reps per side of the following, progressing up the ladder. If you struggle on one step of the ladder, stay there and work on it until you feel comfortable.

Sit to Stand Assisted Pistols with a Ring Assisted Pistols with a Band Pistol Squats


30 Min AMRAP

5 Pistol Squats R 5 Pistol Squats L 10 Single Leg Deadlift R 15 / 20 10 Single Leg Deadlift L 15 / 20 15 Front Squats 65 / 95 20 Kettlebell Swings 25 / 35 400m Run / Row

Notes: Intent of the workout is to target the both sides of the legs: Pistols and Squats for the Quads, and SLDL and Kettlebell Swings for the Hamstrings / Glutes. Pistol Squats are a difficult movement, but you may surprise yourself. Take time in the progression and really work on it. Where ever you feel comfortable in the progression and are able to move through the reps, use that movement in the workout.

The Front Squats should be heavy enough to be challenging, but light enough that you can complete the 15 reps without a break for the first couple of rounds. If you find yourself dropping the bar early, don't be afraid to lower the weight.

VETS ONLY: The KB Swings should be heavy, but we played it conservative due to how hard we're hitting the legs.. If you're not huffin' and puffin' though the swings, go up in weight.

Spend some time after the workout stretching and rolling.. We'll need it. :)

***Thank you for the preparation, time, and thought into programming this workout Josh S!

We have been so blessed!