Warm-up 2 rounds:

10 SLDL R 15/20

10 SLDL L 15/20

5 Lunge Twists R

5 Lunge Twists L

Resistance Band Chest and Shoulder Mobility

Complete each set 3 times*, exactly as written. Rest as needed between sets and minimally within the set.


6-8 Stability Ball Chest Press AHAP

6-8 Stability Ball Chest Flys AHAP

12-15 Pushups


6-8 BB Bent Rows AHAP

10-12 DB Single Arm Row R AHAP

10-12 DB Single Arm Row L AHAP


1:00 Plank Hold

10-12 Slow Count V-ups

20 High Weighted Situps

Cool Down:

Scorpion stretch

Low back and piriformis stretch

QL stretch

Post Weights Used to Comments

*Less than 1 month please complete 1-2 rounds of each triplet with 1/2 reps and careful weight.

Must be an acronym for Happily Exercising, Laughing, and Paperplanes. Totally