Community Complex II

(Compare to September 26, 2019 & June 29, 2020)

In the past we’ve complete our version of “Bear Complex” with 5 reps of each exercise. One Community Complex would be a total of 30 Reps. Today we are completing each complex with 1 rep of each exercise for a total of 6 reps.


1:00 Plank

25 Straight Leg Situps

25 Glute Bridges

Down Dog to Runners Lunge & Twist

Resistance Band Chest & Shoulder Mobility

Community Complex Practice with light bars or dumbbells: 2-3 Sets of 2-3 reps for each exercise.

Main Set: May be completed with barbells or dumbbells

Find your As Heavy As Safely Possible and complete 6-8 Sets of the Community Complex

1 Barbell Pushups

1 Deadlifts

1 Power Cleans

1 Thrusters

1 Back Squats

1 OH Push Press

-Once we pick up the bar, we keep a hold of it

-This can be completed with dumbbells as well

-Rest as needed between each complex

@ Home Option

Complete the same movements with dumbbells. 15# each hand Women, 20# each hand Men. You may go heavier if you have the option. Then complete as many Community Complexes as possible in 20 minutes.

*Less than 3 months:

Complete 4-6 Sets with enough weight to burn a little but you feel like you could do more.

*Less than 1 month:

Complete 10 Sets with 25/45 Bar or 5/10 dumbbells

Cool Down:

25 Straight Leg Situps

Down Dog and Child's Pose

Scorpion Stretches

3 Sets of 30 Seconds Each Lower Back and Piriformis Stretches

QL Stretch

Post weights and thoughts to comments

Katie hit 200 Workouts!

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