Fri - YAY (Grab a Buddy)

Thank you for the great workout Nick! Complete with a buddy! (Optional)*

Warm up 2 Rounds:

15 Marching Plank (R+L=1)

10 Pushups

Then Complete the following triplets with a partner. While one partner completes reps, the other holds a plank. Each partner will complete the triplet 3x completing reps and 3x holding a plank.

Right Side Plank Triplet 12 KB Goblet Squat 15/30 12 KB Swing 15/30 12 KB Rack Lunges R & 12 KB Rack Lunges L 15/30 Straight Plank Triplet

12 Alternating DB Hammer Curl (Srict) (R+L=1) 12/20 12 BW Triceps Press R & 12 BW (Body Weight) Triceps Press L 12 Concentration Curl R & 12 Concentration Curls L 12/20

Left Side Plank Triplet

12 DB Punch-out (R+L=1) 12/20 12 DB Tri Ext 12/20 12 Counterbalance Squat 8

Cool Down:

Child's Pose

Lower Back and Piriformis Stretches

QL Stretch

*If completing the workout on your own, have a continuously running clock. Complete your reps and hold your plank for as long as it took you to complete your reps.

*Less than 3 Months with Community Fit? - Complete 8 reps

* Less than 1 Month? - Complete 6 reps with lighter weight

Post Thoughts to Comments

Watch the video until the end....recognize that move?

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