Hatfield Arms

Updated: Jan 29, 2019

Complete each triplet. Perform all 3 rounds of one triplet before beginning the next. Complete triplets in any order you want, however, follow each triplet exactly as written (aside from adjusting weight recommendations as needed). Limit rest during triplet. Rest as needed after each triplet.

3 rounds of: 4 Strict Chinups (Modification) 12 Biceps BB curls AHAP 25 Alt DB biceps curls 15/20 rest 90 sec.

3 rounds of: 4 Strict Ring Dips (Modification) 12 BB Skull Crusher 45/65 25 OH DB Triceps Ext 15/30 rest 90 sec.

3 rounds of: 4 OH BB Push Press AHAP 15 OH DB Press (Strict) 15/20 20 DB Side Lateral Raises 10/15 Rest 90 Sec.

Post weights used and thoughts to comments

We can fit a few more in this room! Bring your family and friends!

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