HTD: Core


500 Single Jump Ropes/250 Double Unders/200 Jumping Jacks/or 5 Minutes of Jump rope practice


With a deck of cards perform exercises as drawn for each of the following:

Hearts = Alt Leg V-ups (R+L=1)

Diamonds = X Planks (R+L=1)

Clubs = Reverse Donkey Kicks

Spades = Side-ups (Complete reps on both the Right & Left Side)

Numbered cards are done for reps as numbered Face cards are 10 reps Aces are 15 reps Jokers = 400 m Run/Row

As soon as 1/2 the class is done with the card - we move on! Rx is awarded to those who do all reps Our cut off time today is 30 minutes *New to Community Fit? Please complete only half the number of reps for each card. Or less. Take breaks when needed and be careful!

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