Legally Leg Day

In honor of our very own Hannah Smith who is leaving us for the summer for her Law Internship in KC. We are excited for you! ***Workout courtesy of your brother Nick

AMRAP (As Many Rounds as Safely Possible) in 25 Minutes:

400m Run/Row

10 Lunge Switches (R+L=1)

10 DB Punches 10/15 (R+L=1)

10 Jump Squats

10 Aussie Pullups

Post # of Rounds to Comments

***Less than 3 weeks with CF? Please complete only 12 Minutes with 1/2 reps and less weight

Modification for Lunge Switches

Modification for Jump Squats

100 Days of Summer Why Yes! You can still participate! And it's retroactive back to May 1st. So you can get a punch on your card if you complete a workout during the last 13 days. Sign up