Lemon's Revenge

It's been 2 weeks since this beast of a workout.

Which means we better get after it again. We've already gotten stronger!

This time we KNOW more about whether or not we should decrease weight, decrease reps, and how to scale to avoid the kind of sore we experienced last time. Why do it again, you might wonder? We can't always choose what we have to put our bodies through. And therefore we can't control what will happen when those things hit us. Here, at Community Fit, we believe in preparing for whatever might occur so that we are capable of handling that. Does that mean we do the whole workout knowing it's going to make us all walk like we just took our first steps yesterday? No. It means we do what we can, safely, (without risking debilitating pain for 5-7 days), to build our capacity to handle more for next time. Yeah it hurts, but it hurts less each time we do it. Especially if we are smart about it.

So Newbies (Less than 3 months) complete only 1 round, of half reps, with half the recommended weight. Rookies (less than 1 year) complete 2-3 rounds with half weight and half to full reps. Vets, carefully challenge yourself.

3 Rounds For Time: 20 R Leg Only Lunge with Single Arm Biceps Curl 15/20 20 R Leg Only Lunge with Single Arm OH Press 15/20 20 R Leg Only Lunge with Single Arm Curl to Press 15/20

20 R Leg Only Lunge with Triceps Ext. 15/20 (Both Arms) Complete with the Left Leg Only

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I am looking forward to this today and Friday! Monday hit the spot!

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