Maru Noa

Updated: Feb 21

Yesterday we had another beginning to another adventure. A pipe burst in the unit next to us, and flooded our gym. God sent angels to help and blessed us with minimal damage. Now we need to dry out and let the renovation crew do their thang. We have great landlords, a great property manager, and proactive maintenance professionals. AND...our new turf is untouched! <whew>. We are blessed. And we hope to be open very soon! We will keep up the at home workouts and updates!

Tahitian (Mah-roo Noah) Slowly: Continuously a.k.a. “Take it easy bro”


Soldier Walking

Dynamic Side Lunges

Lunge Twists

Knee Grab to Single Leg Deadlift

E.M.O.M. (Every Minute on the Minute) for 20 Minutes* complete:

5 Strict Pushups

5 V-Ups

5 Jump Squats (with highest possible jumps-arms raised)

Whatever time is remaining, within the minute is recovery. If you consistently finish with 30 seconds or more of rest, add a couple reps!

*Less than 3 Months, please complete 3-4 reps

Less than 1 Month, please complete 2-3 reps for 10 minutes. Take breaks when needed.

Cool Down:

Chest/Shoulder Stretches

Lower Back/Piriformis Stretches

QL Stretch

Pigeon Stretch

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