300 Single Jump Ropes

Resistance Band Chest & Shoulder Stretches

Down Dog to Runner’s Lunge & Twist

Arm Circles

Leg Swings Front to Back & Laterally

Hip mobility walks (inward and outward)

Option1> 3 Months: 1st Minute: 2 DB Floor to OH Press 15/20 2nd Minute: 4 F2OH Press 3rd Minute: 6 F2OH Press 4th: 8 5th: 10 Continue going up in reps, by 2, every minute until you can no longer complete reps within the minute. At that point take 1 minute off to rest. Then, beginning where you left off, every minute on the minute, decrease reps by 2 until you end at 2 reps of Floor to OH Press.

Option 2 < 3 Months:

Same as above with recommended weight 10/15 each hand.

Option 3 < 1 Month:

Follow the same format but end at Minute 5, rest two minutes, then go back down the ladder as directed. Recommended weight is 5/10 in each hand. (5 women, 10 men)

Drop weight if needed. Watch that back when coming down to the floor with the weights. Only go so far as to maintain a safe and neutral spine. If that means bringing weight as low as knees or mid shin, that is great! Cool Down:

Low Back & Piriformis Stretch

QL Stretch

Pigeon Stretch

Resistance Band Chest/Shoulder Mobility

Child's Pose

CTW (Challenge of the Week): Run/Row 1 Mile (Timing Optional)

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