This is named after than man that takes care of us and also need to get his hind parts into our gym! We couldn't do it without you Doc!

With a partner complete the total number of reps per exercise. One partner holds a plank (prone or side) while the other completes repetitions. As a team you may switch when needed, break up the reps however you want. Once one partner stops, needs a break, drops their plank, the other partner stops.

Complete all reps of one exercise before moving onto the next. Navigate through the exercises in any order you want.

100 Burpees 200 Single Arm Battle Ropes R 200 Single Arm Battle Ropes L 1000 m Row

100 Windmills 15/20 R

100 Windmills 15/20 L

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Everyday we look forward to seeing each other!

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