On Trainer's Count Complete

4 Rounds of:

20 KB Uni Bent Row R 25/35

20 KB Uni Biceps Curl R 25/35

20 KB Uni Shoulder Press R 25/35

Repeat on the L

Then On Your Own Count Complete 2 Rounds of:

20 KB Halos (Around + Back +1)

20 Tick Tocks R 25/35

20 Tick Tocks L

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*Newbies please complete 1/2 or less of the reps with 1/2 or less of the weight recommended

*This may absolutely be completed with Dumbbells

If you are wondering why the workouts are feeling harder...

They have been! Over the last month we have programmed workouts to progressively challenge us on a very deep level of cardiorespitory endurance AND strength. Yes we still hit all 10 aspects of health, each and every week. However, we have definitely hit our systems, specifically, to increase our stamina as well as build muscle, without compromising our cardiorespitory base. The rep count has remained the same! The workouts, familiar. The time, about 30 minutes.

BUT, the combination of power, complex movements, and stacking our workouts (which means less recovery for certain muscle groups), well...we might feel like we are slowing down. Losing fitness, and not "performing" as well as we have been.

Guess what? You aren't losing anything! The workouts have been tougher!

It's a good thing we aren't about performance here. We aren't about doing better than someone else during the workout, or being the strongest and fastest on the board. We are about getting healthier for the long term. We aren't about killing one workout, we are about creating the ability to use our fitness every day, not just during our workouts. We don't serve our fitness. It serves us.

So hang in there. Keep doing your best.

If it ever gets easier, one of us isn't doing their job. <wink>

Working out with good friends, the best!