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The warm up is included in the workout. However please spend extra time warming up before beginning, if you want. We can all use more of that!

Being in a constant state of stress, whether physical or psychological, has a huge impact on our nervous system and the effects are very harmful. Adrenal glands are continuously triggering our bodies fight, flight, and freeze responses which causes excess cortisol and imbalances with ghrelin and adrenaline. Extra tired? Not losing weight? Is it taking longer to recover from workouts than it used to? These are just some symptoms that might be directly related to the "pressure cooker" we are all living in and the constant state of stress.

When we try to combat stress with exercise we MUST remember that tearing muscle down is a form of physical stress. Stress from work, CoVid, life and exercise all require the same physiological resources in which our bodies have a limited supply. When we experience extra stress, sometimes more exercise isn't the answer. It's the kind of exercise, that we are performing, that will exaggerate further breakdown or will allow our bodies some recovery and healing.

Today's workout is an example of the type of exercise to counter the negative effects of constant, daily, stress from several fronts. Sometimes we need a "soul crushing" workout to feel better. Sometimes we need exercise as a way of healing. Let's show ourselves a little extra care today.

Complete the following, for 20 minutes*, focused on full range of motion and integrity of form.

100 m Run/Row

5 Inchworms

5 Pullups

5 KB Swings 25/35

5 Goblet Squats 25/35

Less than 1 Month

Complete rounds for 10-15 minutes with less weight and 3 reps each.

Less than 3 Months

Complete rounds for 15-20 minutes with less weight and full reps

Cool Down:

Lower Back and Piriformis

Stretch Resistance Band Chest/Shoulder Stretches

QL Stretch

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