Power Cleans 'N Stuff

Warm up:

1:00 Plank

Arm Circles

Leg Swings (Front to Back & Side to Side)

Resistance Band Chest and Shoulder Mobility

Knee Grab to Single Leg Deadlifts

1:00 Plank

Complete one of the following options-

Option 1 > 3 Months:

4 Rounds AFAP (As Fast As Safely Possible)

200 m Run/Row

25 Power Cleans 65/95

25 Box Jumps (or modified version)

25 Situps

Option 2 < 3 Months:

3-4 Rounds AFAP (As Fast As Safely Possible)

200 m Run/Row

25 Power Cleans 45/75

25 Box Jumps (or modified version)

25 Situps

Option 3 < 1 Month

2-3 Rounds AFAP

200 m Run/Row

10 Power Cleans 25/45

10 Box Jumps (or modified version)

10 Situps

Cool Down:

Low Back &Piriformis Stretch

QL Stretch

Child's Pose

Resistance Band Postural Complex

Post Time and Thoughts to Comments


A Note Regarding our Decision to Remain Open-

Please know that this isn't about rebelling, or ignoring, or taking advantage of a possible business opportunity. This is about doing everything we can to hold onto something that is keeping us healthier, preparing us for more turbulent times, and offering human connection while doing all we can to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

We are blessed to have an environment that is supremely controlled. Small class sizes, enough equipment were no one will have to share, hyper sanitary, and coaches willing to help facilitate a very busy, very intense, FIRST TIME EVER workout format. We are also blessed beyond measure to have the support of a patient, loving, helpful, and loyal fitness family.

We have built our gym together.  We have conquered business destroying circumstances, together. We have come through it all together. And we will continue to fight to protect our beliefs, our people, and our sanctuary. Even if that means eventually it will be safer too, temporarily, close our doors. But we will try everything else first.

So in the spirit of doing all we can. Let's give this a shot and help everyone we can. And we fight on until our battle tactics have to change. (Cause really...that's just the way this war has been rolling!)

Today begins our new plan. Let's try to spread the word, without spreading corona.

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