Power Week: Cleans

This week we are focusing on Power. Beginning with the three power lifts. Squats, Deadlifts, and Bench Press. And ending the week with Olympic lifts. Our warm-ups will focus on specific drills and mobility for the lift that day, really targeting form. In order to get the most out of this week please keep the following in mind:

  1. We will start each class, together, on time. Normally we allow early birds to get started before class, but this week we need everyone's attention as we go through the newer drills together.

  2. Form is king. We will keep the weights light until we are capable of SAFELY loading our lifts. Even experienced lifters know that practice prevents injury and facilitates more effective lifts.

  3. Even though we aren't going to be throwing down typical weekly workouts, you are still getting worked. You may feel the need to add "cardio" to these workouts by doing more before or after class, but please remember. Sometimes more isn't better, it's just more. Trust the process.

Warm-up: 10 Minutes

5 Inchworms

20 Romanian Deadlift (RDL) Drill with a light bar or PVC (Hamstring/Hip/Glute engagement)

Resistance Band Chest/Shoulder Mobility

Clean Drill Work (Repeat Twice) May be completed with a PVC Pipe

10 Dip/Shrug Drill 15/25

10 High Pull Drill15/25

10 Turnover Drill 15/25

10 Hang Clean Drill 15/25

Main Workout

Option 1 > 3 Months


Hang Clean

Power Clean

Squat Clean

Rest 2 minutes between sets. Weights increase as reps decrease ONLY as form allows.

Example: 10 Hang Cleans, rest, 8 Hang Cleans, rest, 6 Hang Cleans, rest.

*Keep weight manageable and relatively light.

Option 2 < 3 Months


Hang Clean

Power Clean

Squat Clean

Rest 2 minutes between sets. Weights increase as reps decrease ONLY as form allows.

Option 3 < 1 Month


Hang Clean

Power Clean

Squat Clean

With light weight

Cool Down:

Child's Pose

Low Back & Piri Stretch

QL Stretch

Pigeon Stretch

Scorpion or Doorway Stretch

Post weights used and thoughts to comments

Challenge of the Week: Hold a plank as long as you can.

Coach Emily caught in the (yoga) act while assisting at her husband's dental office.

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