Pullup Day!

Warm up 2 Rounds:

Resistance Band Postural Complex

Shoulder Retraction/ Cat & Cow Stretch

20 Second Bar Hang

10 Alt Arm & Leg Raise (R+L=1)

8-10 Shoulder Retraction Bar Hang

Option 1-Can complete multiple kipping pullups/strict pullups

4 Rounds:

20 Second Static Above the Bar Hold

3-5 Pullups with Negative Descent

3-5 Kipping Pullups or 3-5 Strict Pullups

Rest 2-3 Minutes

Option 2-Can complete a kipping pullup or two, or very close to chin above bar

4 Rounds:

15-20 Second Static Above the Bar Hold

2-3 Pullups with Negative Descent

8-10 Low Bar Pullups

Options to Try-

-Both Legs Down

-One Leg Down

-Negative Descent

8 - 10 Strict Ring Rows

Rest 2-3 Minutes

Option 3-Jumping Pullup Experience*

4 Rounds:

Bar Hang with Shoulder Retraction up to 20 Seconds

Static Above the Bar Hold up to 20 Seconds

2-3 Jumping Pullups with Negative Descent

5-8 Low Bar Pullups

Options to Try-

-Both Legs Down

-One Leg Down

-Negative Descent

5-8 Strict Ring Rows

Rest 2-3 Minutes

*Less than one month with Community Fit, please cut reps and rounds in half, This workout has the potential for a lot of soreness.

Cool Down:

T-Spine Stretch

Scorpion Stretch

Child's Pose with Shoulder Stretch

Child's Pose

Scorpion Stretch

QL Stretch

Pigeon Stretch

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Besty looking strong!!

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