Run the Rack II

Updated: Sep 2, 2019

2 Rounds of:

20 SLDL R 15/20

20 SLDL L 15/20

20 Calf Raises R

20 Calf Raises L


(From November 21, 2018)

Run the rack 2 x for each of the following: 10 DB OH Press 10 DB Biceps Curls 10 DB OH Triceps Ext

*Complete 10 reps of the lowest weight, then immediately move to the next highest weight on the rack until you can no longer maintain good form, or can no longer complete another rep.

*Complete 2 runs of the rack for one movement before beginning another *Rest 1 minute between each run *Rest 3-5 minutes between separate movements

Post Highest Weights Achieved, per Round to Comments

That feeling when you've met the challenge

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