Run the Rack III

(From November 21, 2018 & March 7, 2019)

Warm up:

800m Run/Row

Run the rack 2 x for each of the following:

10 DB OH Press (Strict)

10 DB Biceps Curls (Strict)

10 DB OH Triceps Ext (Strict)

10 DB Squats

Cool Down:

800m Run/Row

Chest/Shoulder Stretches

*Complete 10 reps of the lowest weight, then immediately move to the next highest weight on the rack until you can no longer maintain good form, or can no longer complete another rep.

*Complete 2 runs of the rack for one movement before beginning another

*Rest 2 minutes between each run

*Rest 3-5 minutes between separate movements

*Less than 1 month at Community Fit? Please complete only 1 run through each movement and no more than 30-40 reps total for each movment.

Post highest weights achieved, per round, to comments.

This last weekend there were so many of us that participated in the Rampy MS Research Foundation's Trifest for MS! Swimming, biking, running, volunteering, cheering, and even physically pushing others who couldn't race themselves. Inspiring doesn't begin to describe the tangible change in atmosphere throughout Bentonville the last 3 days. There are so many amazing stories, even more great pictures that are flooding FB and Instagram, showing the courage, strength, and unity shared with everyone involved. Many scary obstacles faced, daily challenges and risks, emotional doubts and physical pain that were conquered.

We don't have to be a triathlete or even want to be a triathlete to appreciate the guts it takes to register for a triathlon. To appreciate the dedication required to train and the raw awesomeness of crossing that finish line!

It's a privilege and rare honor to be surrounded by so many people with the courage to try hard things. Amy is one of the best. Thank you for your example Aims!

This summer there were many morning where I was up before the sun. This was the last sunrise of training for @trifest4ms What an amazing experience! Never in my life did I imagine I’d take on a triathlon. It just goes to show when you have people who believe in you and a desire to do it, things can happen. There’s so much more I could say about this experience. Probably too much for a social media post. 😉 Let’s just say hard things are worth it, good people are gold and @thecommunityfit can work magic." We are so proud of you Amy!