Runnin, Burpin, & Swingin

Warm up:

300 Jump Ropes

Leg Swings (10 Right + 10 Left) x 3

Lateral Leg Swings (10 R + 10 Left) x 3

Complete 10 rounds of the following:

In 2 minutes, sprint 200m, do 5 burpees and complete as many KB swings 25/35 as possible. Rest precisely 1 min.

Post KB swings completed from each round to comments.

How was your Christmas? Ours was very simple and wonderful. With the best gifts pictured below. God has blessed us with children we actually enjoy being with! And because of His son, Jesus Christ, we can be together forever.

Face to face visit with my oldest son who is serving a mission in Tahiti! We haven't spoken since Mother's Day.
Hike with my husband and kiddos

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