Warm up:

300 Single Jump Ropes or 150 DU

Arm Circles

Neck/Shoulder Rolls

20 Straight Leg Situps

Hip Mobility Walks (Inwards/Outwards)

Workout completed in 2 parts. Complete one part before the other. Rest 2 minutes between sections.

Part One

AMRAP in 10 Minutes (As Many Rounds As Safely Possible)

10 Mountain Climbers (R+L=1)

10 High Plank Bird Dog (R+L=1)

10 Alt Leg V-ups (R+L=1)

Part Two

AMRAP in 10 Minutes

5 Pullups

20 Side Ups R

20 Side Ups L

Cool Down:

5 Yoga Worms

Post # of rounds and thoughts to comments

*Less than 1 months with us? Please complete 5-8 Minutes with half reps of each part.