Slam (Formerly Square)

Our day was cut short due to some butt-kicking ball slams! The holes are mended, the floor reinforced, extra rubber mats being placed by the end of the week, and a new memory to add to our story together. Thank you Josh and Chris for tag teaming an unplanned floor test. The balls are fine. Don't forget to sign the floor board!

I received several disappointed emoji texts because of this missed workout! So we will do it again today!

Our first dollar, our first broken floor board. (And our last)

4* Rounds for Time:

1 Time around The Square (200 m)

20 Burpees

20 Ball Slams 15#

20 Twist Punches R Med/Heavy

20 Twist Punches L

20 Band Pulls R Med/Heavy

20 Band Pulls L

*Newbies complete 1 Round with 1/2 the recommended weight *Rookies Complete 2-3 Rounds * Vets Complete 4 Rounds

Post time to comments!

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