Squattin' II

Warm-Up 2 Rounds:

20 Jumping Jacks

10 Forward Bear Crawls (R + L= 1)

10 Backward Bear Crawls (R+L=1)

1:00 Plank

Down Dog to Runner's Lunge & Twist

Then complete:

3 x 5 Front Squats AHAP

Rest 2-3 minutes

3 x 5 Back Squats AHAP

Rest 2-3 minutes

Cool Down:

Child's Pose with Shoulder Stretch

Child's Pose

QL Stretch

Pigeon Stretch

Low Back & Piriformis Stretch

Post weights to comments

***Less than one month with us? Please complete 2 sets of each, with lighter weight as follows:

5 Front Squats 25/45

5 Back Squats 25/45

@Home Option

Complete Warm-up as above. Then complete 5-6 Rounds* of:

8-12 Slow Count Weighted Squats (DBs or Goblet Squat with a single DB or KB)

25 Air Squats

Rest 2 minutes between each round

*Less than 1 Month with Community Fit - Complete 3-4 Rounds with 1/2 reps.

Complete the Cool Down as Written