Squattin' & S.T.

Each day new guidelines are outlined to protect our country from spreading the Coronavirus. This afternoon President Trump outlined more stringent measures, including limiting social gatherings to less than 10 people. In lieu of this announcement, as well as the high probability of further limitations coming soon, we have been preparing for new ways to facilitate our workouts in the safest ways possible. We plan on implementing these new ideas on Wednesday March 18th. (Baring any more unforeseen changes)These will include more workout times with limited attendance and pre-registration required. We will also have the option of limited equipment rentals so that you can do the workouts from home. We will be doing live workouts, daily, with "at home" options and kid fitness options. We will be holding normal classes tomorrow until 12 pm. At which time we will close for the remainder of the day to finalize the new protocols. We are so grateful for your patience and support throughout this whole crazy thing! We are doing all we possibly can to prevent closing our doors. However our responsibilities are clear. We must do all we can to keep everyone healthy. So we begin with smaller class sizes, live workouts online, and continued vigilance. Please feel free to reach out with any ideas and thoughts. We hope and pray everyone is well and has all they need as we cleave to The Lord, to our families, and to positive enduring. In health and with so much gratitude, Lizz Bennett


40 Jumping Jacks

40 KB Swings 15/25

2-3 Lunge Twists each side

Workout completed in two parts. Squats and Shoulders/Triceps


Complete 2 x:

5 Front Squats AHAP

Burn out set of air squats

Rest 2-3 minutes

Complete 2 x:

5 Back Squats AHAP

Burn out set of walking lunges (R+L=2)

Rest 2-3 minutes

S&T (Shoulders/Triceps)

Complete 2 rounds of:

20 DB Front Raise 15/20

20 DB Upright Row 15/20

20 DB OH Press 15/20

Rest 1 Minute

Complete 2 Rounds of:

10 Triceps Pushups

20 DB Triceps Skull Crushers 15/20

20 DB OH Triceps Press 15/20

Rest 1 Minute

Cool Down:

Lower Back & Piriformis Stretch

QL Stretch

Child's Pose

Post weights to comments

***Less than one month with us? Please complete 2 sets of each, with lighter weight.

***Less than 3 months

2 Rounds with careful weight as form allows.

Stay super! We will get through this!

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