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Updated: Oct 30, 2018

Warm up: 1000 m Row 50 Straight Leg Situps 3 Sets of 30 seconds each R & L Scorpion Stretch

Main Set: 4 Sets of 3-5 Chin ups (Strict) 4 Sets of 10-12 BB Bent Rows AHAP 4 Sets of 15-20 Aussie Pullups

*Rest 2-3 minutes between each set *Complete all 4 sets of one exercise before beginning another exercise *Can complete exercises in any order, however it would be more effective to complete them in the order written *Rest as needed between exercises *Newbies please only complete 1/2 the sets, 1/2 the reps, and a lighter weight *This is A LOT of bar work on those palms, we do NOT want to rip, we find no pride in tearing up your hands for the sake of a few pullups and outrageous sympathy/awe on Instagram. Do not tear. It's best to stop then walk away and be useless for a week. *Rookies please watch those Aussies. Even Vets! That's 80 Aussie Pullups and they will leave you stupid sore! So if you haven't been doing pullups regularly, today is not the day to do all the reps. Please only do half! *For an added challenge on the Aussies, strict 'em up. No hip action *Chin ups are done with palms facing you and a slightly narrower grip

Videos posted on our youtube channel tomorrow!

Scorpion Stretch

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