Straight Sets Back & Chest

Warm up:

Soldier Walks

Resistance Band Chest/Shoulder Stretches

25 Superman Back Ext

25 Straight Leg Situps

Workout to be completed in 3 sections. Complete all reps of one section before beginning another. Sections may be completed in any order.

Section 1: Row

Complete 2-3 x 500 m row As Fast As Safely Possible (AFAP) At the highest resistance possible.

Rest 2-3 minutes between each row

Record times for each row

Section 2: BB Bent Row

Complete 2-3 times through-

5 BB Bent Rows As Heavy As Safely Possible (AHAP)

Rest 3-4 minutes between each set

Section 3: Bench Press

Complete 2-3 x 5 AHAP Bench Press

Rest 3-4 minutes between each set

***If you need a spotter, please ask! ***

Cool Down:

Scorpion Stretch

QL Stretch

Low Back and Piriformis Stretch

More pictures to come! So many of our CF Fam accomplished some amazing goals this weekend! From upper left, Philip and Lisa Hill at the finish line of the Marine Corps Marathon. Naomi at the finish of the same marathon! Cheryl and EJ running the Goblin run (after running several miles already). Coach Chris rocking the Waco 70.3 Ironman, and Emily and Logan dressed up for the Goblin run. Stay tuned for more!

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