Strength Or Conditioning Series: Power Cleans

Strength or Conditioning. Today YOU get to choose which you would like to really focus on. Now, either option still provides multiple shared benefits. However, by adding or subtracting weight, we significantly increase benefits more in one area than another.

Let's play it smart and remember that we can always add or drop weight depending on how we are feeling and how we are moving! We never let ego or insecurity control our decisions, during a workout. We use common sense and heart.

Safe/Full range of motion + Serious Sweat = Win!


Spinal Flow

Knee Grab to Single Leg Deadlift

Lunge Twists

Arm Circles

1:00 Plank

1:00 Glute Bridge Hold


Progressive warm-up sets of Power Cleans

3 Sets of 3-5 reps with lighter weight and gradually adding more each set.

Main Workout:

Complete 5 Rounds of 1:00 of work followed, immediately, by a 200 m Run*, then 15 V-ups. Rest 1:00 and repeat.

Power Clean 95/135 Strength - 65/95 Conditioning**

At Home Option

Complete Power Cleans with Dumbbells


1:00 of SAFE PowerClean work, then 200 m Run and 15 V-ups.

1:00 Rest


Less than 3 Months:

Complete 4-5 Rounds with varying weights, avoid the heaviest recommended weight

1:00 Power Clean 45/65 Conditioning 65/95 Strength

400 m Run/rowing/jumping jacks/jump roping/high knees/or light KB Swings for 1:00.

15 V-ups

Rest 1:00


Less than 1 Month:

Complete 2-3 rounds with lightweight

30 Seconds of Power Cleans

100 m Run/rowing/jumping jacks/jump roping/high knees/or light KB Swings for 1:00.

8 V-ups or Alt Leg V-ups

Rest 1:00


Cool Down:

Low Back & Piriformis Stretch

QL Stretch

Child's Pose

*200 m run may be subbed with rowing/jumping jacks/jump roping/high knees/or light KB Swings for 1:00.

**Weight amounts listed are guidelines and not a requirement for succeeding or a measurement of your self-worth. They are based on general weight amounts used for specific metabolic purposes, over 12 years, and thousands of people of different abilities and experiences.

Which means - If you want to go heavy today, go heavy. As long as you have a safe and proper form and you have been consistently doing our workouts for more than 3 months, carefully add weight to what is comfortable for you. Heavy = Slower= Less Reps=O.K.