Supersets: Arms

Warm up 3 Rounds of:

5 Pullups

10 Pushups

15 Squats


Complete 3 Rounds of each superset. Complete all 3 rounds of one superset before beginning another. Minimize rest during the rounds of the 2 exercises and rest no longer than 2-3 minutes between rounds. 8-10 DB Stability Ball Chest Press AHAP 8-10 DB Stability Ball  Chest Flys AHAP 8-10 BB Biceps Curls AHAP 8-10 DB Alt Hammer Curls AHAP (R+ L=1) 8-10 BB Skull Crushers AHAP

8-10 DB OH Triceps Press AHAP *Newbies (Less than 3 months) Please cut the weight in half - at least - to start and only complete 1 round of each. Progress up to 2 rounds after having completed several months of consistent workouts with us *Rookies (1-2 Years) Complete all the rounds and all the reps. Scale back weight as needed. Post Weight Progression to Comments


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