Supersets Upper

Warm Up 2 Rounds:

200 M Run/Row

1:00 Plank Hold

Resistance Band Shoulder/Chest Stretches

Then complete each superset 3 times.


5-8 Strict Chin Ups (Modification)

8-10 OH DB Triceps Ext AHAP (As Heavy as Safely Possible)


5-8 Stability Ball DB Chest Press AHAP

8-10 BB Wide Grip Bent Row AHAP


5-8 OH DB Press (Strict) AHAP

8-10 Stability Ball DB Rear Delt Raises AHAP

Cool Down:

Child's Pose with Shoulder Stretch

Chest/Shoulder Stretches

Complete 3 rounds of one superset before beginning another. Rest 2-3 Minutes between each round, of the same superset. And no more than 3-4 minutes between different supersets. Complete each superset exactly as written, (except for beginners).

***Less than 3 weeks = 2 Rounds with light weight

***Less than 3 months = All rounds with lighter weight

Post weights and thoughts to comments

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