Tabata Row

Warm up:

3-5 Yoga Worms

10 Leg Swings (Laterally)

10 Leg Swings (Front & Back)

Arm Circles

Then complete 8 rounds of 20 seconds of work, followed immediately by 10 seconds of rest, for each of the following exercises*. Complete all 8 rounds for one exercise before beginning another. Rest 1 minute between exercises. Keep count of the total # of reps for each exercise.




Squat Jumps

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Cool Down:

Lower back and piriformis stretches

QL stretch

Chest and Shoulder Stretch

*Less than 1 Month with Community Fit workouts, please complete rounds of 10 seconds of work followed by 20 seconds of rest. And take breaks when needed!

One of our own is now a graduate of FitOps! Congratulations to Clint. We are so grateful to you and Angela. Thank you for your service and example.

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