Team Complex

Warm up:

300 Jump Ropes

10 Runner's Lunge with Spinal Twist (R+L=1)

10 Alt Knee Walks (R+L=1)

3 Inchworm Plus

In teams of 4-5 complete the following for time:


KB High Sumos 25/35

Squat Row M/H


*1 team member sprints 200m while the rest of the team completes reps of one exercise. When the runner gets back the next person goes. Once all the members on the team have sprinted their 200m run/row, the entire team moves on to the next exercise. Exercises may be completed in any order.

*If any team member needs to take a break, that's totally allowed!!! Dive back in when your ready. The team will keep going.

*Teams keep track of your total reps per exercise. One total for burpees, one total for pushups, one total for squat rows, and one total for KB high sumos.

*Add the #'s together for a total score

*It's a good idea to pace your reps a bit

Working out at home or away?

Complete 4 rounds of**:

200 m Run/Row

35 KB High Sumos 25/35

35 Squat Rows M/H

35 Pushups

35 Burpees

Been with Community Fit less than 1 month?

Please only complete 1/2 the reps!!! Take breaks and scale the weight to 15/25 for the KB High Sumos

Post time and score to comments

Where will your fitness take you this weekend?

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