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Updated: Apr 19, 2019

Warm-up 3 Rounds:

20 Glute Bridges

30 Second Plank

10 Alternating Arm and Leg Raises

Then Complete the Following:

15 - 16- 17- 18- 19- 20 reps

DB Thrusters 15/20 Each

SLDL R 15/20 (Modification for Single Leg Dead Lift)

SLDL L 15/20

Uni KB Bent Row R 25/35

Uni KB Bent Row L

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Cool Down:

3 sets of 30 seconds each lower back and piriformis stretches

Child's Pose

*Newbies please only complete reps of 5-6-7-8-9-10 with lighter weight.

*It is more important to complete each and every rep, with the best form possible, using the fullest range of motion, in the safest way, than to use heavy weight and shorten the movements.

This is an UNTIMED workout, it is more important to maintain a safe spine and every rep complete. This is a lot of work on the lower back, a lot. Good news is, we have muscles there that need to be strengthened too! So welcome the burn, just avoid the cramping feeling.

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