The Pyramid


20 R Leg Only Box Step-ups (Frontal) 18"*

20 L Leg Only Box Step-ups

20 R Leg Only Lateral Box Step-ups

20 L Leg Only Lateral Box Step-ups

Arm Circles

Lunge Twists

*18" box height as a goal. Scale as needed

Then complete the following pyramid**:

Minute 1 - 20 Situps

Minute 2 - 25 Situps

Minute 3 - 30 Situps

Minute 4 - 30 Situps

Minute 5 - 25 Situps

Minute 6 - 20 Situps

Rest 1 Minute and Complete the same pyramid with KB Swings 25/35 & Squat Jumps

Cool Down:

Child's Pose

Low Back & Piri Stretch

QL Stretch

Pigeon Stretch

Scorpion or Doorway Stretch

Hold each of the following stretches a minimum of 30 seconds each. If you don't have a resistance band at home, you can use an old tie or a jump rope.

Banded Hamstring Stretch

Banded Piriformis/Low Back Stretch

Banded Inner Thigh Stretch

Less than 1 Month

Complete 1/2 reps each minute with 10/15# for KB Swings

Post Thoughts to Comments

Because strength isn’t only measured by a one rep max.

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