Turkish Get-ups

Warm up with 100 KB swings 25/35 These can be broken up into sets Then complete several sets, with light weight, of Turkish Get-Ups on the right and left side. Once you find a weight that is challenging, begin the following sets:

5 x 5 x 5 x 5 x 5 AHAP

Complete 5 reps on the left then 5 reps on the right before taking a break. If you can do a 6th rep, you need to increase the weight. Experiment with different forms of weight, KBs, DBs, and barbells.

*Newbies practice with dumbbells first and don't try to go AHAP *Rookies safely attempt heavier weights *Vets attempt heavier weights with diverse equipment

Rest 3-5 minutes between sets

This is actually right by our building. My favorite.

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Our last day of "Blind Week" Great work showing up and taking charge!! For those of you doing the workouts online, you will get an email the night before.