Valentines Partner Workout


25 Jumping Jacks

2-3 Yoga Worms Arm Circles Hip Opening (Out/In)

25 Jumping Jacks 2-3 each side Lunge Twists

Then, while one person holds a wall sit, the other person performs reps. Each person completes each section of the ladder. Work your way up the ladder, as far as you safely can in the allotted time. Partners may break up the higher sets by switching more frequently.

Option 1 > 3 Months- 30 minutes

Option 2 < 3 Months - 25 minutes

Option 3 < 1 Month - 10-15 minutes

One partner holds a wall sit while the other completes reps of:

5 Squats

5 Pushups

5 Aussie Pullups

then switch and the partner that had previously held a wall sit, completes the above reps. Then they switch again and do 10 of each exercise.

10 Squats

10 Pushups

10 Aussie Pullups

Then 15 of each exercise

Then 20,

Then 25,

Then 30...and so on for the remaining time.

Cool down:

Low Back and Piriformis Stretch

QL Stretch

Child's Pose Shoulder/Chest Resistance Band Stretches

Post number that you hit and thoughts to comments

We love you! Happy Valentines Day!