While holding a plank, complete 10 burpees at the top of every minute. Once all 10 burpees are completed, continue your plank. 

  • Moving from your plank, to your feet counts as your first burpee ONLY if a pushup is performed before jumping to your feet

  • Your last (10th) burpee may end in a plank ONLY if a push up is completed before planking

  • Planking may be held on your elbows, up on your hands, and on your side

  • Drop to your knees before taking a break from planking

  • If, at any point, it takes the full minute to complete all 10 burpees, take the next minute to recover, and then decrease your burpees to 5 per minute

Newbies begin with 10 minutes of 3-5 burpees and takes breaks when you need to Rookies aim for 10 minutes of 5-8 burpees with less breaks Vets aim for 15 minutes with 10 burpees each minute

Watch your time. Are you finishing your burpees under 20 seconds? Maybe add another 2-3 burpees per minute.

Like Burpees!

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